Elements Regarding Ideologies

Elements Regarding Ideologies

I have posted some of the elements regarding the ideologies on Right and Left. This blog post will be a continuation. I’ll be listing some of the other elements you need to be aware of in terms of understanding Right and Left perspectives.

The right is also known as Libertarian. On the right ideology, taxes secures individual rights to life, to property and liberty as well. While the Left suggests that taxes legally imposes to provide education, arts, parks, research, physical infrastructures in the community.

The Right also suggests that social problems are more likely to be solved with free market action. Thus, privatization leads to superior results to the action of the government. According to Maslow’s Rule: To carpenter, all problem can be solved with a hammer. While Corollary said: to the right, all problems can be solved by the free market. On the other hand, Left proposes that free markets should not be absolute.

This goes the same in privatization. Agencies should have a properly regulate free markets and privatization. Unregulated free markets tend to be monopolized and competition ends. Also, there should be the guidance of the government as anti-trust regulation.

Wealth trickles down in the Right perspective. It all boils from the investments made by the wealthy. According to Sen. Phil Gramm “I never was given any job by a poor man”. However, Left believes that the labor and innovation of educated work-force permeates wealth. Even so, both risk taking and investments are important to have prosperity in the economy.

It is also known that Right is more religious. Right promotes personal virtues such as chastity, fidelity, honesty, compassion. Also discloses personal sin such as drug addiction, alcoholism, licentiousness, abortion, homosexuality and cruelty. While the Left prioritizes social virtues such as justice, fair economic distribution, health care, racial equality, education, environmental protection, international peace and public service.

Language is recognized as a political weapon in Right ideology. On the Right, Language requires to be shaped to be of use by ruling people with high social status. While Left sees Language as a basic social institution. Left sees Language as a keystone that could stop social disorder and economic inefficiency.

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