Labour Organization & Poverty

Labour Organization & Poverty

The National Labour Organization, also known as the National Labour Committee, was a British political group formed after the 1931 creation of the National Government to co-ordinate the efforts of the supporters of the government who had come from the Labour Party.

Growing in a family where politics is always laid down in the table and being discussed every single day made me want to know more. Living in Salford, England where my father is an active member of Labour party in our town make me as one of the popular kid in town.

My father is known to be a down to earth, plain speaking trades unionist person. He was a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee for 6 years until 2010. Having a father like him is such an honor and idolizing him since my childhood established the respect that I have for him.

My father is like any other man in town who would always have their pet while walking downtown. He is usually seen every morning walking with his 3 dogs, pass by his favorite coffee shop while reading the daily magazine. He would always opt for a place where there is silence and comfort. He is a kind of man that shows respect to his neighbors and always drew a smile on someone else face when being approached.

The year has finally came for my father to pursue on his career in the Labour Union. Year 2012 was the year that he is going to seek for re-election and all of us in the family together with friends tied the knot to support him all the way.

His passion in pursuing his membership in the Labour Union has given him the pride to become a great person that he is now. Seeing him rendering his help through social community influenced me a lot as a person. His ways and methods of wanting to have a strong conviction with regards to the government inspired the youth generation in our town.

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