Franks Heroes

America’s biggest problem is there is no place to make our voices heard! The politicians don’t care about us, they just¬† mouth the words handed to them by the consultants who are paid to figure out what we want to hear to re-elect them.

Here the only place for normal people to really, truly have a voice that is heard by our politicians and elected officials. This is where  enough people to make a difference can sign petitions and polls threatening not to re-elect politicians unless they do what we want. Today the petitions are print, but soon they will be completely online.

Everyone who cares about fixing all of our once great, but now broken and failing systems. Fixing our educational system that once led the world, but now ranks at the bottom of 22 industrialized nations. Fixing our broken healthcare system which ranks 39 out of 41 industrialized nations. Fixing our national security. Fixing Social Security. Eliminating poverty. Protecting jobs and the Middle Class. Fixing our government.

Our Heroes and Heroines include liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans and Independents and Greens, working men and women and the unemployed, single mothers, students and retired people, immigrants and minorities, all working together to solve problems that effect all of us, our families and children.

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